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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 1, 2011, 8:07 AM


:bulletblue:Payment only trough -Paypal-
:bulletblue:If you want to see what I draw or what I don't, take a look in my gallery or just ask me
:bulletblue:When full-color I will send you some quick sketches and when the one you like most is picked I expect payment
:bulletblue:I Will only submit the full piece after you pay me.
:bulletblue:I don't accept deadlines but I'll try to do your commission in 2 weeks the most. ( It also depends how many are taking commissions at that time, but I will state you that )
:bulletblue: The drawings are for personal use only.
:bulletblue:If you order more than for 40USD You will get a free additional full colour headshot.
:bulletblue:If you are an active commissioner ( more then 3 commissions ) You will get an aditional free full color headshot id you buy for more then 20usd
:bulletblue: When you have decided that you want a commission from me send me a note named  'Commission' and please fill in THIS FORM:

Number of Commissions ( 1 - billion )
Complexity of Commission : ( Full-color/ Quick color)
Number Of characters : ( 1- billion )
Type of Commission : ( Head shot/ Half body/ Full body )
Background: ( yes/no)
Reference: ( A preference to colored pics, but a detail description will also do. )
Details (about the character (s) ) : ( personality/what they like;don't like to do/ relationship with other characters ( if requested ) )
Details (about the picture)  : ( mood/what the character(s) is doing/style/ and so on)

Quick color vs Full color Comparison by Who-Died


Headshot : 6 usd   K- Tabithia by Who-Died
Halfbody: 8 usd   Mrs Face XD by Who-Died
Fullbody: 10 usd

Add Chara + 4usd
Background +2usd


Headshot : 13usd Comm - Voievoda by Who-Died
Halfbody: 17usd Comm - Lord-Sethran by Who-Died
Fullbody: 21usd AT- Sarah-Valsheim by Who-Died

Add Chara +10 usd
Bacground + 6 usd

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September 1, 2011


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